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Speakers and Subjects

Ca2+ signaling


(Liverpool, UK)

Calcium signalling mechanisms in pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer

Dietrich Büsselberg

(Doha, Qatar)

Modification in calcium signaling of neuroblastoma cells upon acute exposure to cisplatin and topotecan

Jonathan H. Jaggar

(Memphis, TN, USA)

Vascular control by ion channel trafficking

Johanna T Lanner

(Stockholm, Sweden)

Intracellular Ca2+ handling and free radicals in illness-induced skeletal muscle weakness

John McCarron

(Glasgow, Scotland, UK)

Mechanosensitive IP3-mediated Ca2+ release in the absence of a mechanoreceptor in the vascular endothelium

Mustafa BA Djamgoz

(London, UK)

Voltage-gated sodium channel activity and oxidative stress in cancer.

Tomohiro Kurosaki

(Osaka, Japan)

Calcium signaling in B lymphocytes

TRP Channels

Indu S. Ambudkar

(Bethesda MD, USA)

Regulation of TRPC1 and contribution to cell function

James W. Putney

(North Carolina, USA)

Multiple Forms of the Store-operated Calcium Mediators, STIM1 and Orai1

Khaled Machaca

(Doha, Qatar)

Ca2+ signaling in the mid-range can be supported by functional coupling between SOCE, SERCA and IP3R

Marc Freichel

(Heidelberg, Germany)

The role of TRP channels for fertility and cardiac remodeling

Metiner Tosun

(İzmir, Turkey)

Investigation of calcium signaling pathways and related microRNAs affected by changes in TRPC1 expression levels in human primary aortic cells

Michael X. Zhu

(Houston, USA)

TRP channels in intracellular organelles

Mohamed Trebak

(New York, USA)

Ca2+ channels in physiological and pathological remodeling: lessons from animal models of disease

Mustafa Nazıroğlu

(Isparta, Turkey)

Involvement of TRPM2 and TRPV1 channels in epilepsy

Peter McNaughton

(London, UK)

Ion channels and pain

Ramazan Bal (Gaziantep, Turkey)

Functions of oxidative stress-induced ion channels, TRPM2 and ATP-sensitive K+ channels, in octopus neurons of mice cochlear nucleus

Scott Earley

(Fort Collins, CO, USA)

TRPA1-Induced Endothelial Calcium Signals and Vasodilation

Stephan Huber

(Tübingen, Germany)

TRP channels in irradiated glioblastoma cells

Yasuo Mori

(Kyoto, Japan)

TRP channels in redox biology

Yizheng Wang

(Shanghai, China)

TRPC6 and ischemic brain damage in rats


Cem Ekmekcioglu

(Vienna, Austria)

The role of nutrition in health and behavior

Nicolai E. Savaskan

(Erlangen, Germany)

Glioma-derived glutamate toxicity: Selenium in the limelight

Mehmet Bilgen(Aydın, Turkey)

In vivo imaging onclinical systemsinpreclinical translational research

Özcan Erel

(Ankara, Turkey)

A Novel Method Measuring Plasma Thiol –Disulfide Redox Status

Oxidative Stress

Andrey Y Abramov

(London, UK)

ROS induced lipid peroxidation is essential for phospholipase C activity and IP3 related calcium signal

Aron Fisher

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA)

Role of endothelial Katp channels in Ca2+-mediated signaling with altered shear stress

Engin Ulukaya

(Bursa, Turkey)

Oxidative stress and cell death in cancer

Hamid Akbarali

(Virginia, USA)

Post-translational modification of calcium channels in colonic inflammation

J. Andres Melendez

(Albany, NY)

Redox-control of the alarmin, Interleukin-1 alpha

Navdeep S. Chandel,

(Chicago, IL, USA)

Mitochondria as a signaling organelles

Safiye Aktaş

(İzmir, Turkey)

Antioxidants and cancer: Is concurrent use during therapy safe?

Sven Horke

(Mainz, Germany)

The role of Paraoxonases in redox and calcium homeostasis

Valerian E Kagan

(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Asymmetry, oxidation and signaling “elimination” by two anionic phospholipids: cardiolipin and phosphatidylserine

Oral presentations

OP1- Ingrid Carvacho (Aarhus, Denmark)

TRP channels are functionally expressed in mouse eggs

OP2- Maria Patron (Padova, Italy)

New insights into the regulation of the mitochondrial calcium uniporter

OP3- Alexander C. Cerny (Stuttgart, Germany)

Identification of a novel gene required for TRPL translocation in the eye of Drosophila

OP4- Paolo Sarti(Rome, Italy)

Melatonin, Nitric Oxide and Mitochondrial Energy Production.

OP5- Sebastian Steven (Mainz, Germany)

The sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 inhibitor empagliflozin improves diabetes-induced vascular dysfunction in the streptozotocin T1DM model by interfering with oxidative stress and glucotoxicity

OP6- Alexander V. Zholos (Kiev, Ukraine)

Thermo-TRPs in respiratory health and disease

OP7- Denis Rousseau (Grenoble Cedex France)

ATAD3 is a limiting factor in mitochondria biogenesis

OP8- Y. Guillaume Aboua (Bellville, South Africa)

Potential antioxidative effects of Kolaviron on reproductive function in streptozotocin-induced diabetic Wistar rats

OP9- Hatice Tohma (Erzincan University, Erzincan, Turkey)

Neither antioxidant enhancement or exercise affects protein thiol status in aging mouse muscle.

OP10- Andrew Shum (Chicago, IL, USA)

Regulation of neurogenesis by store operated CRAC channels

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