Calcium Signaling


Ca2+ signalling and bioenergetics of pancreatic diseases

Signalling to and from IP3 receptors

Dissecting norepinephrinergic signaling pathways in hypothalamus

Exploiting oxidative stress to selectively kill cancer cells via pharmacological targeting of mitochondrial ion channels

Redox regulation of calcium channel function: From Orai to MCU

Functions of Store-operated Orai1 Channels

Shaping cell motility by coordinated Ca2+ and Na+ signals

Function of ERG (ether-a-go-go) channels in central auditory neurons


TRP Channels


TRPC1/4/5 channels in health and disease

Blood pressure regulation by vascular TRP channels

Activation and regulation mechanisms of TRPA1

Involvement of TRPM2 and TRPV1 on chemotherapeutic agents-induced peripheral pain

TRP channels in oxygen and thermo biology


Antioxidants and Oxidative Stress


The multifaced role of oxidative stress: from apoptosis triggering to activation of cellular defenses

Exploring links between oxidative stress, metabolic dysregulation and the onset of cardio-metabolic diseases

Cardiovascular complications of sleep apnea: Role of oxidative stress


Metabolism and oxidative stress in angiogenesis and cancer progression

A novel method for measuring intra and extracellular thiol disulfide homeostasis

Channel formation by mitochondrial ATP synthases. Regulation by Ca2+ and oxidative stress

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