Abstract Information

Deadline for sending the abstracts of the poster is 27.10.2017.

- The abstracts should have submitted to the school via e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

- Topic of abstract should be related with neuroscience.

- Each participant can submit maximum 2 abstracts.

Instruction to Authors:

-Word numbers in the abstract should not be exceeding three hundred words except references. Each poster can contains maximum three references.
-The articles must localize inside the lines on the printed form.
-The headlines must be written with lower case.
-The first letter of the surnames and names must be written with capital letter and must localize under the headline.
-The institution which the author belongs, must be written after putting a break line.
-It is requested from the participants to send the online announcement as an attachment file.
-The submitted abstract will be evaluated by Scientific Committee of the School.

Information About The Posters:

-Poster dimensions must not exceed 70 x 90 cm and prepared suitable for vertically hanging
-Headline, authors’ names and institutions must be specified in the posters.
- -Posters will be hanged during the school.
-The necessaries for hanging the posters will be present in the poster location
-E-mail address of the owner of the announcement must be written

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Bird GS, DeHaven WI, Smyth JT, Putney JW Jr. 2008. Methods for studying store-operated calcium entry. Methods 46:204-212.
Nazıroğlu M. 2007. Molecular Mechanisms of Vitamin E on Intracellular Signalling Pathways in Brain. In: Goth L, editor. Reactive Oxygen Species and Diseases, Research Signpost Press: Kerala, India. pp 239-256.